Technology advantages and disadvantages

The effect in era in our lives, these days, is unmeasurable. We use technology each day, in different approaches and we do it to harming up our lives or the society we live in. But what we’re used to call modern generation, technically it is not as new as we assume.

For instance, if we’ve a splendid telephone these days we can discern out that it is just an development of an normal cell smartphone that we had years in the past. Or look at a train nowadays – we used to use steam powered trains and now we’ve got electronic trains – just to get faster to a few location. The technology evolves, however it unearths antique approaches and old technologies to conform.

We use generation every day, so that you can fulfil particular tasks or precise pursuits. We have unique desires and we want to have faster technologies.

So, what are the blessings and drawbacks of the so called “Modern Technology”? Take a look beneath.


Improved conversation – advanced conversation era gear;
Easy get right of entry to to statistics – at whenever and anywhere;
Improved housing and lifestyle – most of the gadgets that we’ve got in our houses these days are computerized (if we compare with houses in the 70´s, eighty´s, 90´s);
Improved amusement – we’ve greater video video games now, precise song to listen and visible systems like smart TV’s;
Social Networking – super development for individuals and groups;
Convenience in training – on-line and cellular education;
Convenience of travelling – very crucial in our lives and within the commercial enterprise global;
Changed the fitness enterprise – cutting-edge generation in hospitals, decreasing the errors made by using medical doctors and evolving the sufferers remedies;
Efficiency and productiveness – supporting businesses increasing production, saving money and time inside the industry;
Encourages innovation and creativity – it is very clean to begin a task today (while at home). A exact example is kickstarter.Com which allows creative human beings get budget for tasks via crowd funding.

Job loss – changing humans;
World destruction weapons – increasing endless wars;
Increased loneliness – social isolation;
Competency – elevated dependency on contemporary tools that reduces our creativity and intelligence.
Do you consider this advantages and drawbacks? Please let us realize if you locate extra for your day by day paintings.


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